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Karl Lagerfeld Choupette is like the little princess, bounded superstar mention fashion red meow, Karl Lagerfeld Choupette is the most popular small princess, have their servants, and also kept the RBI fans, followed by her father Karl Lagerfeld times fashion magazine also took large unit, even the mood symbol or shopping bag to see Choupette shadow. But the generation of new, meow community leader also very competitive, bad cat (Grumpy Cat) the year before (2012) debut, this news has become more trend, but also on the red carpet to accept an exclusive interview with the media, the momentum would eat sugar cane, was so very. This mew adorable forces in fashionable circle gradually shaped seems to grow, to the cat as design muse, combining cat topic lifestyle magazine, to replace the traditional art and culture magazine for pets, cats among the work force. Inserting network popularity cat artist Jean Jullien's honestly to see so many joint or earnings and controversial fashion news, I need to adjust the buffer mood, healing opportunities always open arms to welcome. 2013 spring and summer they take the cat synthesis according to ridicule, semi product image advertisement, Beckham's two son shot Burberry, immediately by the synthetic cat claw attack, Kenzo model the human kumite appearance, replaced the cat version, even Saint Laurent was also humorous one, but also created many brand printing meow forces totem, Victoria Beckham Crosby Derek, 10 Lam and Charlotte Plympia have launched a meow printed T-shirt dresses and shoes accessories, some parity brands such as Topshop, ASOS also follow up, make be a trend which cannot be halted cat fashion influenza. However this year in network detonation red "cat forward editorial celebrating 2 birthday, in addition to many celebrities thorns and meow about tattoos, and is once again aware of eyes round the cats, three not five in the world of fashion" make trouble ", recently formed a peak. The cat 2 years old birthday. Through these meow fashion a cat in the US version of the Vogue, Karl Lagerfeld Choupette the most dazzling star aura, dad is the fashion designer AA coffee, in addition to her own blog administrator, and enjoy iPad, rice bowl is used Goyard, other fine of course to its Chanel as the preferred; every week on a regular basis beauty salon, special services and dad enjoy the same treatment, even biting paper do bad things, as much love, sometimes Dad Karl Lagerfeld fashion show, Choupette will be the personification of Internet message mad push to attract fans to help set gas. Choupette taste had to be concerned, the major fashion magazines competing offer, in April this year, the British version of "Choupette and I set up a special topic" while publicity Lafayette namesake brand shop in London, and published as Choupette adorable, said Karl personally shot photos, attract a bunch of fans who witnessed the English version, the editor in chief Justine Picardie also said she is without doubt the most fire super star. The English version of the April "Choupette and I" special, there are tens of Choupette super adorable life indeed, Choupette fashion charm is spectacular, with daddy Karl joint attack, the skill is diligent; Lafayette holding her Q edition doll, namesake brand store windows painted on the cathead, even online real-time communication software Choupette emoticons. Karl Lagerfeld and tokidoki joint, especially the Choupette and Q version of Lafayette painted graffiti, design all kinds of recreational T fan page, have a look, a plane can run the cockpit, the spoiled and arrogant. Lafayette and loving cat Choupette has almost become creative elements, can be designed into a doll or tidal T won't let Choupette chains in the former, younger. A cat has catch-up phenomenon, due to congenital cartilage dysplasia lead to different facial nasal bone, let this 2 year old female cat was placed face discussion has become make known to every family, the meow star in the Youtube, is specialized in pet's agent Ben Lashes watch, arrange all kinds of activities and advertising photography. Although not the cat did not like Karl Lagerfeld that star designer when backer, but with a pair of Dongguan smallest look accidental capture fashion, 2012 is on the refinery29, the reporter interviewed her about United Bamboo pet series of impressions, of course, the cat would not speak, but look at the editor deliberately slow down and talk tone, like asking little friends, as well as control. The cat forever the name stink face look, look at the fashion with the other kind of humor, but also interesting experience. Bad cat magazine cover immediately after last year's New York fashion week in September, bad cat also laicourenao published her views on fashion week, although the manual PS design dialogue, admire the editors creative take the cat to minor Kan fashion week in reality, express, certainly provoke criticism, but the main corner is meow circles after, who are will laugh out of court. This great cat fashion ambition is more and more high pole, advance version of America Headquarters and a pile of fashion editors take pictures, Grace Coddington and photo frame photo sketch, also, was immediately smell business opportunities, not the cat to also can become T-shirt printing, this plan is certainly not from the authentic, network has the photo fled, large almost. While the cat is also popular with red to MTV movie awards red carpet, was invited to attend the ceremony, wearing a Pharrell Williams was wearing hats mini version, the star rob pictures; ceremony host Conan O 'Brien laughs at the cat seat arrangement than Nick Lachey, is the scene only a front will doze super A coffee "art" of the cat, on human performance to look to her, visible network detonation red cat show how much.